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NCR is a subsitute to carbon paper. It is used to make a copy of an original document and is fast and simple when you need many copies. You are able to have up to 2, 3, 4 or even more sheets. The harder you write on the top sheet, your information transfers to the copies below.

NCR is available in a various colours. We offer many different finishes and they cover loose individual sheets to pads stapled or glued with perforations.

If you required, you can have each NCR set sequentially numbered in book form or pad form. They are finished with a flap insert to guard impressions tranfering to the sets underneath.

Whatever your requirements, please fill in our contact form with your details, to receive a quote.

If you would rather - please call our office on 07857 308568 to discuss your options with one of our staff.

Service Garages - Invoice Books

service garage

M.O.T testing station NCR invoice books can be printed in two part as shown, three part or more with perforation. This means you can tear off the top copy retaining the other copy for your records.

Vehicle repair invoice books can also be printed and sequentially numbered.

Health & Safety Report Books

Healt and saftey report books

2 part NCR books as shown, or more, punched and with both copies perforated.

This can also be numbered.

Restaurants Receipt/Order Taking Pads

Resturant taking books

2 part DL NCR pad as shown, or more copies, can be printed in the colour of your choice and numbered either continuously or each pad can be numbered 1-100.

Various sizes available; A6, A5 and DL (210mm X 100mm)

Waste Management Waste Transfer/Conveyance Notes

Waste management

These NCR pads can be printed in 2 colour with terms and conditions on the reverse

In three part NCR as shown, or more copies if required, with perforation and various coloured copies.

Risk Assessment Maintenance Book

Risk Assesment

A4 easy to handle NCR pads in 25s 2 part NCR sets,or more, with a protective board to prevent impressions to other copies below.

Can be printed to smaller size for better handling.

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